‘Issue 2 of ‘Judy Garland – a Celebration’ - Dot Ponedel was in close proximity to Judy Garland during the filming of some of the greatest musicals of all time. Her stoicism and no-nonsense approach to life kept Garland grounded and helped restore her confidence and self-esteem.

Candid on-set photographs from the period show her refreshing Judy’s make-up; powdering her nose while Judy, often resplendent in full costume, would be poised for another take or sneaking a calming cigarette.

History tends to focus on the star and her co-stars, less on the invisible army of staff who were enlisted to keep the dream factory functioning efficiently and effectively…’ Issue 2 pays tribute to Dottie Ponedel.

It also offers extensive archival coverage of Judy Garland’s 1957 Dominion engagement in London with an essay by Club founder Lorna Smith and dozens of rare photographs from the period.

60 glossy A4 pages; over 70 rare and beautifully reproduced photographs
A feast of superb journalism and research that will instantly become a collector’s item

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